Why Choose Full Circle

When you are ready to outsource your bookkeeping, you can't entrust your financials to just anyone. We understand that it not about businesses doing business, but people serving people. In this interview Owner and CEO Lyz Tkachuck talks about why she started the business, shares a little about who she is as a person, and explains why Full Circle is right for you.


"Lyz is professional, efficient, and smart. We're very happy that we are working with her and Full Circle! 100% recommend!

Let us do the Crunching....

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. But too many hats can interfere with the success of your business. For example, if you don't already know the state and federal regulations when it comes to bookkeeping, how inclined are you to research what they are and implement them?

Let's be honest, you are here because the idea of number crunching makes you squeamish and that stress doesn't help your business. Wouldn't it just be easier to hand it off to someone who loves numbers? (Like us!)

Full Circle Accounting offers a wide range of accounting services for the busy entrepreneur, to help you to focus on what you love about YOUR business. Our bookkeeping services range from financial wellness strategies and business planning to goal setting for growth. The truth is, bookkeeping and accounting aren't just about tallying the balance sheet. Its everything from state and federal regulations to budgeting and organization.

That's what Full Circle is here to do: make it easier for you to bring everything together. So, relax and let us do the crunching.


To provide scalable bookkeeping and accounting services that grow with your business.

After 20+ years of various accounting roles in various industries, I found my passion was working with small business owners. In 2015, I started working with businesses to educate and lead them through bookkeeping essentials. By 2019 my services and knowledge had been utilized not only for bookkeeping and accounting, but also assisting in processes and procedures for other areas of business such as streamlining paperwork, office organization, budgeting, business planning, and goal setting for business growth. Now, after five years, operations have grown to a full scale bookkeeping company. Assisting clients in an area I am passionate about is incredibly rewarding. But even more so is seeing other business owners finally being able to focus on their passion knowing they've got someone on their team that they can trust to handle their finances.  

~ Lyz Tkachuck,
CEO Full Circle Bookkeeping